Sustainable Packaging Industries


Eco-friendly molded pulp packaging

Select from our stock products for your immediate packaging needs. All of our products are made from recycled or renewable materials, and are easily recycled with curbside residential and/or commercial recycling services.

Eco Clamshell

GreenKraft Clamshells

Eco-friendly clamshell packaging made from recycled cardboard and 100% recyclable. Get inspired, be imaginative & go green!

Recycled Hanging Pack

Eco Hanging Packs

An eco-alternative to traditional all-plastic blister packaging. Display your small bulk items in style with the Eco Hanging Pack.

Produce Boxes

A strong, stackable and versatile box with an attractive eco-design. Great for fruits & veggies, large gift boxes, storage, toy boxes and more!

T8 Light Tray Packaging

Protective packaging for T8 linear bulbs. An eco-alternative to traditional Styrofoam (EPS) and plastic protective packaging.