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T12 & T8 Lamp Packaging

protective packaging

Environmentally friendly protective packaging for linear lamps. Made from post-industrial recycled newsprint and 100% recyclable.

T8 Lamp Packaging
Lamps are typically identified by a code. The T indicates that the shape of the bulb is tubular and the number is the diameter in eighths of an inch. Typical diameters are T12 (1 1⁄2 in or 38.1 mm) and T8 (1 in).

T12 & T8 Protective Packaging

Molded pulp protective packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and Styrofoam (EPS). SPI’s T12 and T8 lamp packaging is designed to ship linear light bulbs, tubes and lamps. Made from post-industrial paper and 100% recyclable.

  • T8 fluorescent lamp packaging
  • T12 fluorescent lamp packaging
  • T8 LED lamp packaging
  • T12 LED lamp packaging
T8 Linear Light Bulb Trays
Linear Light Bulb Packaging & Trays
T8 trays are designed to for 1″ diameter tubes
T12 trays are designed for 1.5″ diameter tubes

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